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TDT Power Calculator Download

The current version of TDT-PC is 1.2.1. If you would like to use the TDT Power Calculator, please e-mail Dr. Chen at wmchen AT virginia DOT edu

Precompiled Binaries

Linux-tdtpc.tar.gz   For GNU/LINUX 64 bit systems    For Windows Workstations
Mac-tdtpc.tar.gz     For Mac Workstations
Ubuntu-tdtpc.tar.gz  For Ubuntu 32 bit systems

Use "tar -xzvf Linux-tdtpc.tar.gz" or "unzip" to unzip compressed executable files. If your platform is not included here, you are welcome to contact Dr. Wei-Min Chen.


If you find TDT Power Calculator helpful, please cite

Chen WM and Deng HW (2001). A general and accurate approach for computing the statistical power of the transmission disequilibrium test for complex disease genes. Genet Epidemiol 21:53-67 [PDF]

Last updated: October 2010 by Wei-Min Chen