University of Virginia


Wei-Min Chen

Associate Professor in Biostatistics
Center for Public Health Genomics
Department of Public Health Sciences
University of Virginia School of Medicine


Mail: P.O. Box 800717, Charlottesville, VA 22908
Office: West Complex, 6th Fl, Rm 6115
Email: wmchen @


2004-2007 Postdoctoral Fellow Statistical Genetics University of Michigan Center for Statistical Genetics, Ann Arbor, MI (Advisor: Gonçalo Abecasis)
2000-2004 Ph.D. Biostatistics Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD (Advisor: Karl Broman,Kung-Yee Liang)
Thesis: Robust quantitative trait linkage analysis in extended human pedigrees
1998-2000 M.S. Biomedical Sciences Creighton University Department of Biomedical Sciences, Omaha, NE (Advisor: Hong-Wen Deng)
1996-1998 M.S. Image Processing Peking University Center for Information Sciences, Beijing, China
1992-1996 B.S. Probability and Statistics Peking University Department of Probability & Statistics, Beijing, China


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  • Chen WM, Manichaikul A, Rich SS (2009) A generalized family-based association test for dichotomized traits. Am J Hum Genet 85:364-376 [PDF]

  • Chen WM, Erdos MR, Jackson AU, Saxena R, Sanna S, Silver KD, Timpson NJ et al. (2008) Variations in the G6PC2/ABCB11 genomic region are associated with fasting glucose levels. J Clin Invest 118:2620-2628 [PDF]

  • Chen WM, Abecasis GR (2007) Family based association tests for genome wide association scans. Am J Hum Genet 81:913-926 [PDF]

  • Burdick JT, Chen WM, Abecasis GR, Cheung VG (2006) In silico method for inferring genotypes in pedigrees. Nat Genet 38:1002-1004 [PDF]

  • Pilia G, Chen WM, et al. (2006) Heritability of cardiovascular and personality traits in 6,148 Sardinians. PLoS Genet 2(8):1207-1223 [PDF]

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  • Chen WM, Broman KW and Liang KY (2005) Power and robustness of linkage tests for quantitative traits in general pedigrees. Genet Epidemiol 28:11-23 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • Chen WM, Broman KW and Liang KY (2004) Quantitative trait linkage analysis by generalized estimating equations: unification of variance components and Haseman-Elston regression. Genet Epidemiol 26:265-272 [Abstract] [PDF]

  • Chen WM and Deng HW (2001) A general and accurate approach for computing the statistical power of the transmission disequilibrium test for complex disease genes. Genet Epidemiol 21:53-67 [Abstract] [PDF]


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